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Why Organic Cotton?

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Organic cotton is the best and safest natural fiber on earth. It is health-friendly as well as environmentally friendly, making it the natural choice for babies who have tender, developing skin. It is softer than conventional cotton, reduces respiratory problems and smells pleasant.

Production of organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides, and therefore is hypoallergenic. The soil it is grown on is enriched with natural fertilizers, helping to improve the quality of the land, prevent water contamination and conserve biodiversity.

Think of a fiber that is non-allergenic, comforting, 100% plant- derived soothing, highly absorbent and a non-irritant, making it the top natural fiber in cloth manufacturing. Organic cotton is fast becoming famous and its production is increasing. India being the leading country for producing organic cotton, it is in high demand worldwide. The benefits of organic cotton for the customer:

  • Soft and strong
  • Breathable and absorbent
  • Skin-friendly
  • No harmful chemicals involved in its production
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Easy to clean
  • Low environmental impact


The health of our planet depends on the choices we make. Everyday our children are being exposed to chemicals and harmful toxins. Children are precious and the natural environment one of our greatest treasures. By making a choice to support sustainable and ecological practices, we are helping to nurture and build a safer and healthier world.