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Tips on how to Swaddle Your Baby

Tips on how to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling- The tips and the No-No’s

Its universally acknowledged by doctors that swaddling your infant is good for the child. Its keeps them secure and warm while mimicking the same comforting effect of the womb. However some little ones are experts at squirming out of there swaddles. Pro tip- You’ve done it right if they cant wiggle out. These little “Houdini babies” can be swaddled too with these helpful tips.

Top Swaddling Tips

Here are some tips to promote safe swaddling.

  • Always check the temperature- you always want to be aware of the temperature in the home.
  • The swaddle will count as a layer of clothing so you never want a baby to overheat. If at any time they seem flush, red or hot to the touch, you will need to remove a layer of clothing.
  • It is okay to swaddle a baby in just a diaper.
  • The ideal temperature of a nursery is 68-72 degrees F.
  • Arms down not crossed- when swaddling a baby, you want their arms down by their side and not crossed in front of them. The only exception to this is for preemies. Preemies should be swaddled with their arms of their chest.
  • Keep the blanket below the shoulders- the blanket should not be close to the baby’s face. It can be a safety issue and it can also cause the rooting reflex to happen if a blanket rubs a baby’s cheek.
  • Loose around legs- you want to make sure that the wrapped part of the blanket is above the baby’s legs so that he is free to move them around for proper development.
  • Use a blanket big enough- if you swaddle with a blanket that is at least 40×40 you should be able to successfully swaddle a baby. (our swaddles are 50″x50″)

Also with Organic cotton, the material breathes much better than a polyester fabric, keeping your infant at a comfortable temperature.
Organic cotton swaddles have zero pesticides and Azo free dyes.
Organic cotton is also hypoallergenic so your baby is completely safe.

Our Swaddles collection has a large variety of swaddles to choose from. Also once your baby grews out of the swaddle stage, they can be used and blankets too! Our swaddles are extra large so your can swaddle your baby tight.
The cotton is light and breathable too so it keeps your baby’s temperature regulated.

You can watch this demo link here so you can see how to swaddle your baby safely.

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